One of the many ways of dealing with historical trauma, poverty and addiction that often accompanies MMIP cases is to help Blackfeet Youth reconnect to the Land & Culture.


Mission Statement

Our mission is simple, "We want to make it easy to report missing persons cases for residents of the Blackfeet Nation." Once this is done effectively, our plan is to make our community reporting portal & database available for Tribal nations in Montana and across the Blackfoot Confederacy.


How we Began


At first, we were simply helping Kimberly Loring look for her sister. During the search for Ashley HeavyRunner, students and staff at Blackfeet Community College realized there were countless other unsolved missing and murdered cases in our community. So, we built the website and started a Blackfeet petition for Justice that collected over 55,000 signatures.


We found the stories of our missing and murdered were very similar across Indian Country. Tribal police were not equipped to handle these cases and jurisdictional loopholes were keeping agencies from working together. Because many cases remain unsolved, people simply gave up on reporting these crimes. 

The Grant

DOJ offered a grant to Tribal Colleges in Montana. It's purpose was to link local communities on reservations to a database and reporting portal for MMIP. We realized it was this was a huge part of the work we had started at Blackfeet Community College years before. We secured $25,000 of funding in the fall of 2020 and began our work to revamp the website and make it easier to report missing persons cases in the Blackfeet Nation.

Goals & Objectives

Once is launched and becomes and effective tool for reporting MMIP cases in Montana, our hope is that will become an international database for Missing and Murdered Indigenous People.


Blackfeet Community College and the Montana Department of Justice are partners in addressing missing Indigenous people of Montana. The Montana Missing Indigenous Persons Task Force works to improve communication and response to these difficult cases. For more information on the Task Force and their work visit


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